Republicans debated in Ohio. The economy barely came up. - Washington Post (blog)

Jim Gilmore and through former Pennsylvania Sen. Fox news moderators noted which that that they had received a lot much more than 3,000 economy-themed concerns about Facebook prior to the debate. Christie emphasized cuts in safety-net programs for example Social Security, to cut back government spending. Furthermore, it raises a really Ohio question: When you're going to debate inside a swing state, shouldn't an individual target around the issue that nearly often dominates its elections?

Jim Tankersley insures economic policy regarding The Actual Post. is about the wrong track," mentioned James Pethokoukis, a conservative author for your American Enterprise Institute who could have pushed Republican candidates to address worker angst, "what have these debates offered?"

The answer: a little bragging with regards to a variety of governors' economic records - and also merely a few details to assist differentiate your candidates' promises to boost the economy heading forward. He's through Oregon, and he misses it.

. Rick Santorum, who promised to include manufacturing work to help struggling workers with out higher education degrees.

In prime time, Rubio made probably the actual most direct pitch to workers: "The jobs that after sustained our middle class," he said, "they either don't pay enough or they may be gone, as well as we want somebody that realizes that as our nominee."

That's a pitch tailor-made with regard to Cleveland, which in turn Republicans have furthermore chosen to always be able to host their national convention next year.

Deep in to the prime-time Republican presidential debate about Thursday night, Florida Sen. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush touted energy policy, regulatory reform and also "fixing our immigration system and turning it in to an economic driver."

In the particular early debate, one in the most specifics came from former Virginia Gov. Scott Walker regarding Wisconsin and former Arkansas Gov. John Kasich talked up the actual pro-growth power associated with balancing your federal budget.

Several candidates pushed tax cuts, such as Sen. Rand Paul regarding Kentucky, Gov. Candidates stated the words "middle class" exactly twice - as well as certainly one of those was when new Jersey Gov. "If you're among the 65 percent involving Americans whom believe the particular U.S. Your consensus winner of the debate, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, by absolutely no means mentioned jobs or the economy with all.

"Way not enough discussion" involving economic growth, the particular conservative commentator Larry Kudlow tweeted following the prime-time debate ended. This came from any voter about Facebook, that wondered what Rubio would do to aid small businesses.

"It begins simply by having leaders which recognize that the economy we reside in nowadays can be dramatically distinct in the 1 we had five-years ago" the particular senator replied, just before rattling off a fast while focusing pair of policy proposals: decreasing corporate taxes, improving higher education to boost worker skills, imposing a new "regulatory budget" on government along with repealing Obamacare and the Dodd-Frank monetary reforms.

It would always be a uncommon exchange for a debate in which consigned economic policy into a backseat at best.

Polls carry on to demonstrate that Americans care more concerning the economy as compared to some other election issue. Marco Rubio fielded among the night's precious few questions in regards in order to the economy. "Jobs" came up 20 times. Ohio Gov. Which In Turn is the reason it's so baffling which neither the particular questioners nor most candidates seemed eager to speak with regards to growth, work opportunities along with - as Republicans have been promising to do just about all election cycle - America's beleaguered working class.

In two hours involving prime-time debating inside Cleveland, the word "economy" came up 10 times. Mike Huckabee. Chris Christie was talking about his childhood.

The earlier debate, featuring seven candidates operating low inside the polls, had been no better


Keeping Northland Farm Dogs Tick-Free - FOX 21 Online

They kind of obtain stuck below the girl collar or perhaps round her collar," she added.

On top of that, Lois sets aside any chunk of energy every and each night to check on Shep through nose for you to tail.

"The classic dog has a fever - something higher than 102.5. -

It's a lot more or even much less 'farm etiquette' to possess at least one dog, or even more.

"Every day I consider it, I think regarding it with Shep, and we check the girl every single day," Lois said.

"She has been together with Doug everywhere he went, Sunni will be correct alongside inside the front seat," Lois said. Lisa Juten at Duluth Veterinary Hospital.. "I didn't want another dog."

But right after prior heartbreak, they were reluctant to bring an additional pup to the farm.

"She's about this through your roof powered flea and also tick medication that we put to become together with her back again when a new month," Lois explained.

Farmers Lois and Doug Hoffbauer say his or her springer-spaniel is a essential member of the team.

Doctors say, 1st and foremost, all outdoor pets ought to be on a few kind associated with tick prevention.

"Oh my gosh, we were locating five as well as 6 ticks a day or even more," Lois said. "Every farm needs a dog, every farm," Lois admitted.

PROCTOR, Minn. That They may possess a shifting leg lameness, they just act like they're strolling upon eggshells cause all their joints are stiff along with sore plus they hurt," Juten described.

Two-and-a-half-year-old Shep lives every puppy's dream, using twenty acres regarding green land as the girl playground.

Running among the exact same crops, their yellow lab, Sunni, contracted Lyme disease.

When these people brought your ex to the vet, it was too late.

"If we're out here, she's out here," mentioned Farmer Lois Hoffbauer.

The couple stating they'll try everything feasible in order to certainly not shed another pup to the disease. 

Vets say Lyme disease in animals is absolutely treatable, having a 28-day antibiotic.

They emphasize, involving course, your sooner it's caught, your better.

Since April 1, the Duluth Veterinary Hospital offers diagnosed 93 dogs using Lyme disease.

But operating across fields, through bushes and grass as well as woods - with out boundaries - results in many dogs contracting these tickborne diseases.

"By that time we needed to have the woman's into their house, on your ex behalf dog bed, and he or even she never lifted the girl head, the girl just laid in her dog bed, inside their laundry room," Lois explained.

"It's one thing we now have to become consequently diligent with regards to watching, since it's therefore typical in this area," stated Dr. "Her neck specifically is when the girl gets it consequently bad


TCA: Comedy Directors Talk Single vs. Multi Camera, Shrinking Running Times - Variety

There's no such thing as a single-camera comedy series, a clutch of prominent TV helmers agreed during a panel session Wednesday at the Television Critics Assn. press tour.

Comedies produced outside of the traditional multicamera stageplay-style format rarely if ever shoot scenes with just a single camera. Most of them use a hybrid multi- and single-camera format, as few showrunners would be willing to risk losing the option of having multiple choices for various shots in the editing room.

"There are degrees of single-camera-ness," said Michael Blieden, whose credits includes "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" and FX's "Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll." He noted that there are plenty of single-cam shows that shoot scenes on a proscenium to mimic a multi-camera environment for actors.

Peter Atencio, director of Comedy Central's "Key & Peele," pointed to "Modern Family" as a show that is "a multicam show very creatively and intelligently done in a single-camera format."

The helmers agreed that the focus on multi- vs. single-cam is "overblown" and that the most important factor is whether the material is funny.

Alec Berg, co-creator and director of HBO's "Silicon Valley," observed that one big difference is that shooting single-camera without an audience allows a show to milk the humor out of awkward moments of silence. "We do a lot of dryer tonal stuff on our show. When you're doing a multicam, you do something that's funny and silent, people laugh, and they fill the silence so it's not silent any more," he said.

On the other hand, the creative team gets instant feedback when shooting in front of an audience. With single-cam, which are often shot out of sequence, "sometimes you're just going, 'Does any of this work on any level?' " Berg observed. In fact, it often falls to the director to reassure the company.

"A lot of my job as the director is to do the job of the studio audience," Berg said. "You're a proxy for the laughs from the audience."

The panel was presented as part of the TCA tour at the Beverly Hilton by the Directors Guild of America. Mark Cendrowski, house director of "The Big Bang Theory," moderated the wide-ranging Q&A.

Helmers weren't shy about saying that they would like to see directors get a little more recognition for their contributions to TV. "I always say that scripts are about ambition," said Tristam Shapeero, helmer of Netflix's "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt," among other shows.

The director "comes along and decides how are we going to shoot that scene to get the funny off the page," Shapeero said. Directors have the tricky job of bringing their ideas to the production while remaining "extremely respectful of the work," he said.

It's especially challenging for a director coming in on assignment for the first time on an established show. It takes homework and plenty of prep to learn the show's protocols and conventions.

"Everybody knows so much more than you do," said Linda Mendoza, whose credits include "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" and "Black-ish." "The only thing you can do is know your script like the back of your hand."

The helmers spoke of their frustration at dwindling running times for shows airing on advertising-supported TV. With some half-hour series running as short as 19-20 minutes, shows run the risk of becoming "a radio play," Blieden observed. "You cram (plot and dialogue) in so much that you've taken all the visual transitions out," he said. "You're using about half of what television can do."

Shapeero noted that when "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" moved from NBC to ad-free Netflix, producers felt "relief" in being able to go back and insert jokes and humorous moments that had to be chopped for time when the show was bound for NBC.

Zetna Fuentes made her half-hour counterparts a little jealous in describing her working environment last season on "Jane the Virgin," with its distinct visual style that breaks the fourth wall and adds other inventive touches. Fuentes said she had a "magical" experience working on the CW drama's season finale.

"The showrunners are game. You really get a lot of freedom (because) visually they want to push it," she said.

(Pictured: "Silicon Valley")

Herring to speak at 2 National Night Out events - WTOP

(AP)-- Virginia Chief law officer Mark Herring will speak at 2 National Night Out occasions in Chesterfield Region.

Herring will certainly speak very first to around 100 event organizers at Eanes-Pittman Public Safety and security Training Center. Afterwards, he will certainly speak at the Bensley Park block party.

National Night Out is a program to construct partnerships in between police and the neighborhoods they offer, and also to encourage people to band with each other to avoid criminal activity in their neighborhoods


Participants of his team likewise will participate, going to 11 various other occasions across the state Tuesday.




On Light, God, Photography ... and That Moment Just Before the Bad Thing Happens - BagNews Notes

Schlissel ended up being just lately launched via prison right after serving a new term for stabbing numerous folks with a gay pride parade within 2005, a police spokeswoman said.(AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner)" width="600" height="400"/>. Mild creates."

Whether or otherwise an individual acquire in to all the God-talk will be beside the point, because when you think concerning it, all 4 assertions regarding difference along with paradox hold for photography, too. Schlissel was just lately introduced via prison following serving a term pertaining to stabbing a amount of people at a gay pride parade within 2005, any police spokeswoman said).

-- Philip Perdue

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Because it speaks through the actual medium of light, photography invites us in order to feel allegorically. Renowned philosopher along with professor regarding religion Huston Smith puts it this way: "Light can become a universal metaphor pertaining to God, along with what science features discovered concerning physical light helps us to comprehend why light can be uniquely fitted to which role. Beyond that, this photograph uses reflective glare in the sun to produce any straightforward but profound declaration: religious opposition to always be able to gay legal rights is really about conflicting visions for human sexuality, along with thanks for you to pinpoint accuracy plus a bright red circle pertaining to emphasis, it's practically as when the sun will be making it explicit which usually 1 will always be the supply of the problem.

August 2, 2015

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Ultra-Orthodox Jew Yishai Schlissel walks by means of a new Gay Pride parade and is just with regards to to pull any knife coming from beneath his coat and start stabbing people within Jerusalem Thursday, July 30, 2015. light will be both particle as well as wave, physics and metaphysics, so beneath the right conditions it moves inside mysterious ways. The point isn't that will photography can be God, or perhaps in which God is really a photograph--at least not necessarily literally. In the event that rainbows supply the best symbol pertaining to brotherly love--that other universal metaphor regarding God--that is, mild throughout its total spectrum, then part of the implication here is that there's danger along with isolation when religious pursuit associated with purification leads to viewing merely red. but what really presses this photograph into a strong indictment of religious fanaticism will be the way it captures mild handing along the prosecution. Theologians look to be able to paradoxical properties involving mild to spell out the enigma involving divine mystery. However we are within fact dealing having a mode involving communication that freezes time and space, obeys its extremely own laws, is each visual as well as grammatical, along with does much more to become able to produce meaning--and generates more meaning--than we can totally understand.<br><br>How unsettling, then, that this brief meditation in photography as a play on light is actually sparked by method <a href= of a gruesome scene of religiously-inspired hatred? Taken just moments just before Ultra-Orthodox Yishai Schlissel whips out any knife and stabs 6 people at Jerusalem's annual gay pride parade, this photograph can be striking in part because it captures your crime scene before the crime even happens. The idea is actually strangely different.

(photo: Sebastian Scheiner/AP Photo. caption: Ultra-Orthodox Jew Yishai Schlissel walks by means of any Gay Pride parade as well as is just regarding in order to pull a new knife via under his coat and begin stabbing folks within Jerusalem Thursday, July 30, 2015. Most three of those assertions maintain with regard to God, as really does a fourth. light will be different. As Well As paradoxically different


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